Lesser Open Bee License 1.3

Download text of the License

Step 1 : Download license

License is made for coordinator to develop project and allow participants to include associated works. It was originally developed and used for Bee-Plane project. It has been made public in order to develop community of open source projects within industry. Aeronautical players are not used to have open source projects. Open Source is now common in IT projects. We try to make it more common. A previous 1.2 version was used in 2012.

Step 2 : Sign license

Please download license, read-it and understand it. Then download form, fill it and sign it. Thanks !

Aeronautical R&D Projects under Lesser Open License 1.3

Project : Bee-Plane TM

This project is using Bee-License 1.3 since 2013 and used 1.2 in 2012. First TRL is now achieved. In the first year, four universities have contributed to project. Project is in TRL2 in 2019.

Project : Mini-Bee TM

Mini-Bee project started in January 2015. Active phase is TRL3. More than ten university are currently working on Mini-Bee project under Lesser Open Source License. Industrial partnerships have started.

Project : ISO-Plane TM

ISO-Plane is a new patented project using Lesser Open Bee License. First Participants are Engineering schools and Technical Companies interested in the project.
Project is now using Lesser Open Bee License 1.3. In 2012, Tasks were managed with Lesser Open Bee License 1.2

Supply chain Projects under Lesser Open License 1.3

Project :
Tools available on the web site for download are using Lesser Open Bee License 1.3

Our Missions

Develop Lesser Open Source in Industry

- Developp Open Source and Lesser Open Source in Industry, especially in aeronautical industry
- Use Lesser open source type license on projects with high level of investments and extended consortium
- Help creation of communities on technical projects (universities, technical firms, industrials)

Achieve High Level Innovative Projects

- Initiate new technologies and open innovation by sharing projects
- Participate to the development of Bee-Plane, mini-bee and related Projects

Developp Supply Chain IT Tools

spread tools and supply chain methodology by sharing knowledge